Ria Kosher


Ria Kosher is a contemporary fashion brand that caters for the clothing needs of fashion enthusiasts who see the world as an avenue to express their style.

With sustainable fabrics sourced in Nigeria, we create ready-to-wear garments whose beauty and essence are solely dependent on the dedication and topnotch sartorial skills of every hand and brain who work together to make every piece a reality from illustrations to finishing.

Our inspiration comes from the “looseness” of the runway where everyone who struts on it wears what they like and are given so long as it is an expression of the self within and the designer. With this in mind, we create a fusion of eccentric and simple design ideas to birth fashion-forward pieces which serve to remind you who wear Ria Kosher that the world is your runway.

Our products cannot be found anywhere else save for Ria Kosher and this is because we produce 1-10 pieces per style making every Ria Kosher piece you own an investment.

Also, when you have a special occasion, we offer you free consultation and let you into the design process so we can work with you to create pieces that best portray your style.

Ria Kosher is more than a clothing line. It is a journey to perfection and so are you who love, buy and wear Ria Kosher.