Did You Know Quality is an Investment?

Once I asked this question on Twitter:

1 piece of clothing worth N10000 or 10 pieces of clothing worth N10000??? 

Of course, people had their different choices.

Some picked 1 piece while others picked 10.

But here’s mine:

So long as the 1 piece of clothing worth 10k is quality, I’ll go for it. Because it isn’t just a piece of clothing but also an investment.

I think it’s high time we began seeing quality clothes and accessories as what they really are —investments.

They may not exactly give you some cash flow kind of ROI.

But they’ll definitely give you ROI in terms of:

  • Meeting your clothing needs: They’ll save you from walking about naked. 

Did you just say you can get that from inexpensive clothes?

Okay. Chill.

Let me finish.

  • Massaging your self-esteem: You’ll feel good about the fact that you not only look good but also wear quality stuff.
  • Enhancing your reputation: People can easily recognize quality when they see one. And since you wear quality stuff, you’ll earn more respect because it’s something not everyone can afford.
  • Lasting longer in your wardrobe than inexpensive clothes. If you put in the effort to take care of them well, they’ll experience no fades, no tears, no damage until after a long time.

You’ll treat them better than you treat your other clothes that are inexpensive because well, it costs you more to acquire.

  • Limited uniqueness: You won’t always get to see those clothes on anyone else except they are as classy as you are.

Of course, you can rock 10 clothes worth 10k way better than those who wear expensive stuff. It’s all about having a good personal style, you know.

But sometimes, I mean most times, quality speaks louder than quantity.

And that is one of the reasons Ria Kosher is there to serve your style needs in a quality way that helps you stand out.

Every piece we create is an investment that gives you the ROI stated above and many others I’ll share with you.

But don’t be too hard on yourself

Keep wearing what you have whether they be 1 piece worth 10k or 10 pieces worth 10k. So long as you style them right, you’re on track.

But I know one thing for sure…

When you blow — even before you blow sef— you’ll shop one quality piece of clothing worth N10000 and above.

Not because you think price equates quality.

But because you know quality equates investment.

As usual, remain kosher while I’m away.

The Writer who knows how to do Fashion,

Victoria Willie

Creative Director, Ria Kosher

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