Do You Know How to Dress Well?

It was a sunny afternoon.

I had just returned to the hostel after having chain lectures since 8 am that day.

All I wanted to do was to take off my clothes, go have a shower and sleep.

At least, that was all I wanted to do.

Until I heard her voice.

Hers was a husky one. 

Among my roommates, she was the only one who had such voice.

 So when I heard what she said, I knew without turning back that it was Adaeze.

“Victoria, is this what you wore to school today?”

I didn’t respond.

“Omo! You don’t know how to dress at all. And you call yourself a fashion designer and a fashion blogger.”

She laughed and my other roommates joined her in laughing.

Some tried to defend me but I wouldn’t have any of that.

I was tired, hungry and frustrated.

You know how frustrated a typical Nigerian student can be.

Obviously, Adaeze didn’t know that many people (of which I’m included) delay gratification just so they can focus on their priorities.

I had no time and energy to explain myself.

So, I simply took off my clothes, grabbed my towel from the hanger, wrapped it around my body, dragged my bucket from underneath my bed and stormed out of the room to the bathroom.

(Sorry, I didn’t tell you… I’m kinda short-tempered. Any small thing fit make me vex)

Adaeze had that you-don’t-know-how-to-dress impression of me until a month later when she saw some pictures I took that period wearing Ria Kosher’s clothes.

Her first reaction was, “Oh my God! Is this Victoria?”

My close friends in the room began hyping me.

 They told her never to underestimate me just because I chose to dress simple to school.

Adaeze was stunned.

She couldn’t believe the diva she saw in those pictures was me.

She couldn’t believe I could be that beautiful and stylish.

She couldn’t believe my designs made such sense.

She couldn’t even believe I could dress well.

She had this broke-ass view of me and that’s because…

I was kind of broke from my year two till my final year first semester.

I had to set priorities.

Wear limited clothes and shoes.

Because any extra funds I got had to go into feeding, footing those school bills that get you sick and of course…

Taking baby steps for Ria Kosher.

She didn’t understand this.

And that was why when she saw those pictures she began to add respect to my name.


She understood the real meaning of “never judge a book by its cover.”

I could dress well.

But I seldom dressed stylishly to school because most of the time I wanted to keep the Ria Kosher personality as a surprise to people like Adaeze.

I think I did that quite well.

I’d just go minimalist to class.

And anytime I put effort into looking extra good, I usually got compliments.

The importance of looking good can never be overemphasized.

How many times do I have to scream that it gives you respect?!

Adaeze didn’t respect me at first instance because she thought I was a broke-ass roomie with zero dress sense who claimed to be a fashionista.

But when she saw a picture — just a picture of myself looking stylish — she dumped the disrespect and began to see me as a true fashionista.

She would ask for my opinion about what fits and what didn’t.

And I’d give it to her.

Don’t let anyone deceive you.

Put that effort to work on your appearance.

Dress your hair well.

Wear clothes that fit and suit you.

Combine them with accessories.

When your lips are shut, your dressing will do the talking for you.

Haven’t you heard this saying by Rachel Zoe…

“Your style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” 

In simple terms, your style is how you dress.

If you dress shabbily, you’re simply telling me and everyone else that you are broke and hungry.

If you always wear formal office wear, you’re simply saying you love to be professional.

If you love to wear skimpy dresses, you’re simply saying you like it hot and edgy.

I know.

When you read my headline, some things ran through your mind.


How dare Victoria say I don’t know how to dress well?

Has she seen me before?

Calm down.

But whether you know how to dress well or not, I don’t even have the right to say it to your face.

That’s why I share style tips with you every Friday to set you on the right track (if you aren’t).

But you see…

I just wanted you to get into my shoes.

I mean the shoes I was in that day when Adaeze said I didn’t know how to dress well in front of six other roommates of mine.


Let this be a rule of thumb for you:

Whenever you step out of your home headed for anywhere important, dress like you don’t have a mouth that can speak for you.

The Writer who knows how to do Fashion,

Victoria Willie

Creative Director, Ria Kosher

P.S: I have something for you.

It’s a guide to help you dress better and look stylish every day without trying hard.

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