Don’t Mind Them

What do you think about fashion police?

You don’t know who they are?

I mean those guys who always criticise the clothes people wear. 

Do you think they do the right thing the right way?

See, I don’t believe in rules at all.

Because I know that what is right today, may be wrong tomorrow.

The movie I watched last night confirmed it.

It’s titled Dark Shadows.

It was an interesting one about a guy who got cursed by a witch to become a vampire.

It happened he had an affair with her yet refused to love her.

And the witch took laws into her hands.

She cursed every of the guy’s girlfriends to always fall down a cliff and die.

And finally, when our handsome lad fell in love, his witchy ex made the girl go down the cliff and die.

He wouldn’t have it so he jumped down to die with her but somehow he didn’t and his witchy ex cursed him to become a vampire.

Then she incited the villagers to lock him in a box, buried him below until 196 years later when something happened and he broke free from the coffin.

How did this movie confirm my rules talk?

Hold on a second.

I’m not done.

So, when this vampire left the coffin and stepped into the world, he was surprised to see changes.

It was 1760 when he fell asleep in the box but by the time he had woken up, it was 1972.

The first thing he did was to go to his family house.

Somehow, he still remembered the way.

And when he got in and saw one of his descendants dressed in a skimpy skirt and top, he asked the housekeeper:

“Who let this lady of the night into my abode?”

I rephrased that because I don’t remember how he put it.

The part that made me burst out laughing was when he asked his great great great great great grand-niece or so how old she was.

The young lady replied 15 and he screamed:

“And why are you not married?”


Now, do you see why I’m telling you this story?

Rules change every day.

As of 1760, it was wrong for a 15-year-old girl to not have plans of getting married.

It was wrong for women to wear short skirts lest they should be addressed as whores.

Sometime ago, it was also wrong for women to wear trousers.

But do we say same today?

When I see people criticise what others wear, I shake my head because I believe everyone is entitled to their personal style. 

Everyone is at liberty to wear what they want so long as it supports the image they want to create.

To explain better, let me quote this tweet of mine:

“I find it difficult to criticise what anyone wears.

Even if they wore it to a red carpet and stirred controversy, I hardly judge.

And this is for two reasons:

1.  Because I understand that different people have their own style unique to them.

2. Because I know fashion is more or less a cycle and ‘right’ sometimes could be relative. What is right today may be wrong tomorrow, you know.

Remember there was a time we never paired sneakers with suits.

There was also a time when you couldn’t wear two prints at once.

Can we still say that today?

Of course not.

So, when next someone — particularly a celebrity— wears orange shoes with a blue attire,

Or wears something else when they could have worn something better to you,

Calm down.

Don’t criticise just yet.

Their stylist worked according to their personal style.

If they have no stylist, then they themselves wore what suits their taste.

You don’t have to infuse your opinion into it.

Your criticism may be sensible to whoever cares to listen but the truth remains that you are probably spilling it so you can sound fashion-savvy.

I know my opinion may be wrong to you.

 Of course, we should always call a spade a spade.

If person wear nonsense, make we drag am.

No need to coat words.

But if they can own the nonsense they are wearing and they own it well,

You shouldn’t have a problem with it.

Just see it as another angle of creativity.

After all, fashion is art.

Maybe they should have worn flat shoes instead of boots.

But does it really matter, Mr and Mrs fashion police?

That aside, this doesn’t mean you should wear rubbish with the excuse that you’re entitled to your personal style.

In fact, wear your rubbish.

Just own it with some top-level self-confidence.

And defend it at any level.

That’s the difference between you and those style influencers who wear stuff you deem weird with so much pride.

Thank you. “

So you see…️

Wear what you want.

Just make sure it speaks well of you.

That is, dress for the image you want to project.

Dress according to your style.

Mix those prints.

Combine those colours.

If you’re unsure of a particular combo, ask someone who’s fashion-savvy to tell you how it looks before you wear it out.

Or better still, check Svelte Magazine.

There are many style guides there.

Never let anyone intimidate you that you are wearing rubbish.

Most of the time, those who say so are the ones who know nada about fashion.

The goal is to be comfortable and stylish.

So, just do you and own it with your full chest.

The Writer who knows how to do Fashion,

Victoria Willie

Creative Director, Ria Kosher

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