E no far again. We go soon reach.

There was this day I had to trek to Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort with a friend.

Not trek per se.

After arriving at the bus stop, we had to walk inside from the gate to the hotel because we had no vehicle to take us in.

And commercial bus drivers or keke riders (tricycles) are never allowed to go in.

So, we took it as a stroll to burn the calories we didn’t even have. 

My friend said it wasn’t far from the gate and I believed. According to her, we only had to have a 10-minute walk and that would be all.

Each time I complained, she’d always say:

“E no far again. We go soon reach.”

I used that to encourage myself even though the walk lasted for more than 10 minutes regardless of our fast pace. 

And for every distance we covered, I’d complain of how tiring the journey to the hotel itself was becoming.

This my friend would laugh and repeat her annoying  “E no far again. We go soon reach” talk.

Eventually, we arrived at the hotel.

We didn’t buy anything.

We actually went sight-seeing ‘cause i was daydreaming of using that location for one of Ria Kosher’s photoshoot at that time.

But you know the funny thing?

Despite how exhausted I felt while embarking on the “journey” to the five-star hotel when we were leaving, it wasn’t that far and I don’t know why.

This leads us to the question I have for you today:

Is it just me or have you also noticed that sometimes going to a particular place for the first time may seem gruelling?

It’s either it seems far when going and coming back feels so short or you feel like turning back when going but while coming back, you want to relive the experience again.

I didn’t and still don’t want to relive the experience of trekking from the gate to the main building of Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort but I do know one thing:

Your first trial may be difficult but subsequent trials will come off easily or be a bit relieving than the first.

Newly bedded virgins (and anyone who’s ever made love to a virgin) can testify to that.

And so will you testify when you become a master at that particular thing that makes you rack your brain and sweat your glands out every day.

So, keep doing what you do.

E no far again. We go soon reach.

The Writer who knows how to do Fashion,

Victoria Willie

Creative Director, Ria Kosher

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If this sounds like what you’ll love to learn, (name), reply to this email. Maybe your response will be the single push to turn that contemplation into action.

Until then, remain kosher while I’m away.

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