Have you ever gone on a blind date?

Sometimes, life is like going to fetch water with a basket.

No matter how hard you try, you’re never gonna fetch anything.

I dunno if that makes any sense or relates to what I’m about to tell you.

I don’t even care if it relates.

I sha know sey I don drop proverb.

I remember the first time I went on a blind date.

I was nervous though because I really liked this nigga but then he hadn’t seen any of my pictures.

He had only sent me one and I refused to send mine because I didn’t want him to see my face yet.


I had insecurities. You know I look younger than my age. So I didn’t want him to see my pictures and think he was dealing with an underage girl.

Despite that, we bonded on a very high level and planned to meet.

That sounds odd, right? In this age of digital fanaticism, how would he have agreed to that?

 But he never had any issues with it. In fact, he saw it as something to anticipate  our first meeting.

But he gave me a condition though:

I had to find him since I had seen his face before.

The day finally came and I dressed up to meet him at the venue.

When I arrived at the venue, I didn’t go in immediately. I stood outside—my back to the entrance— and brought out my phone to call him.

No sooner had I begun to dial his number than I felt a tap behind me.

I turned back and recognized the face immediately but kept quiet.

I thought we agreed it was I who’d find him, I thought within me but said nothing.

“Hello,” he said calmly. I also recognized the voice.

“Good afternoon.”

“Yeah. Good afternoon. I saw you standing outside and I fell in love with your body shape immediately. Your dress looks so good on you.”

I blushed.

I didn’t know if I was blushing because of the compliment.

Or because I was wearing a dress from Ria Kosher’s recent collection

Or because it was coming from my blind date who didn’t even recognize me.

Oh wow!

He didn’t recognize me yet he came out to say a compliment.

So this is how he goes about complimenting random girls?

I didn’t say anything though.

I just…


I dunno where this story is going again.

Yes o!

It’s supposed to be an advert but I don hang for road.

But there are style lessons in it and I’ll tell you.

  • Never go on a blind date without sharing your pictures with your date first. 
  • Look so good that your blind date has no choice but to compliment you even when they don’t recognize you.
  • Wear Ria Kosher, it’s your ticket to winning compliments and feeling fly.
  • Ensure you read a style guide on the right outfits for a date before deciding on what to wear.

Don’t have a style guide?

That’s not a problem.

Ria Kosher’s sister, Svelte Magazine, has got you covered.

So, read up on what to wear on a date and thank me later.

That one is specifically for women.

Men’s own is coming soon.

Remain kosher always 😘

The Writer who knows how to do Fashion,

Victoria Willie

Creative Director, Ria Kosher

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