How Much Do You Have?

There was this particular teacher in my secondary school.

As I was saying, there was this particular teacher in my secondary school who usually wore one shirt four days in a week.

And the only reason he didn’t wear it for five days was because my school had a particular uniform for teachers to wear every Wednesday.

This man would wear a shirt on Monday and Tuesday, give it a break on Wednesday, and repeat it on Thursday and Friday.

And the worst thing was that he repeated the same trousers too.

Trust us students, we began to gossip.

Is it that this man’s salary is not enough? 

We wondered aloud within our circle. 

We concluded he was either broke or the school’s salary wasn’t enough.

But my school was a big school. It couldn’t afford to pay teachers less.

Or was it that the teacher was stingy to himself? Or he had other problems he needed money for and deemed clothes unnecessary?

At a point, we began identifying him by his shirt. I mean, we could tell if he was the one approaching on Friday by taking mental note of what he wore on Monday.

Reminiscing about it, I am forced to conclude we students were just jobless.

I mean, wetin concern us concern teacher shirt on top book wey dem send us to go read for school.

But while I regard those actions of us as frivolities in hindsight, I blame that teacher for something.

He made us guess his account balance.

And that was where he had it wrong.

I just figured out a way to make nobody guess the size of your pocket or your account balance.

Even if all you have in your wardrobe is ten clothes.

Want to know how? 

Let me tell you.

Many a time, when I speak to guys about the content of their wardrobe, most of them tell me it’s few.

And this wins my admiration. I mean, the way some rock a few pairs of jeans and tees all the time without looking like they repeat clothes wows me.

You too can be like that. And here’s how:

If the content of your wardrobe is few, you can wear them in multiple ways without looking like you are repeating clothes (even though this is none of anybody’s business though).

It’s called restyling.

For instance, you pick a particular shirt today and rock it with the sleeves folded, tucked into a pair of pants.

Another day, you pick that same shirt and rock it with the full sleeves, untucked with a skirt or a pair of jeans.

You don’t have to shop for new clothes all the time.

Restyling your clothes is the perfect way to repeat your clothes without actually looking like you repeat your clothes.

No be everybody get money to dey shop for clothes every time. 

Learn how to restyle your clothes so nobody will ever guess your account balance.

Not even me.

The writer who knows how to do fashion,

Victoria Willie

Creative director, Ria Kosher

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