How to love a woman & make her stick with you for life

“A woman doesn’t need money to love you.” The old man said, breaking into my thoughts. “She needs love to love you.”

We were confused.

What does he mean by that? That was like stating the obvious. Of course, everybody needs to feel love to give love.

He smiled and continued. “Money or gifts never keep a woman with you for life. Giving her orgasms isn’t even the way to go about it.”

The guy beside me cleared his throat. Quite weird for a man this aged to say the O-word without flinching.

“Baba, what then keeps a woman with you for life?” I asked.

“Love,” he reiterated and stared into space immediately.

“A woman needs love to love you.”

I sighed. He continued:

“It’s a two-way thing. Any woman who claims to love you because you buy her the world and storm her phone with credit alerts is like the weather. 

“Her love for you is neither stable nor assured. And one day, the so-called love will get worn out.

“But if you wanna keep a woman with you for life, show her you love her.”

“How?!” Every one of us chorused in frustration. 

“Is it not by giving money and gifts you show someone you love them?” The old man’s granddaughter was almost crying in her confused state and I bit my tongue to hide my laughter.

He chuckled.

“One day, those gifts will become a normal thing to her. You’ll get her enough and it’ll become a part of your union. In other words, boring.

“But your reaction when she nags…Your reaction when she wears a beautiful hairdo…The way your eyes bulge when she appears in a beautiful dress…The way you hold her when she coughs…

How you eagerly munch her food…How you fondle her breasts during that moment…The way you look at her when she sits among other women…How you correct her when she makes a mistake…

“She’ll always treasure. Some day, the mighty things won’t matter. The little things will.”

We fell silent as we digested his words. Then he placed his right hand on the shoulders of the guy who sat beside him and concluded, 

“This isn’t just about loving women. It’s about life in general.”

Immediately, my mind raced to fashion. And I resolved to share this with you.

Buying an expensive dress doesn’t mean you love fashion. Neither does wearing nice clothes and taking pictures.

What matters is how you show your love for fashion by taking care of your clothe and accessories.

Because when the likes and comments on the gram are all over, one thing will remain:

Your wardrobe maintenance.

Would you rather love fashion by buying and wearing beautiful stuff alone or you’d rather add care so they last longer?

Think about it for a second.

Remember, that just like loving a woman, expenses aren’t all that matters.

But if you focus on spending alone, she may leave eventually and you have to go get another lover.

The same applies to your clothes. Buy them and handle them carelessly, you’re back to clothing stores in search of a new ‘lover” after a short while.

I guess you don’t want that.

So read how to take care of your clothes so they last longer.

The Writer who knows how to do Fashion,

Victoria Willie

Creative Director, Ria Kosher

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