I just remembered the day my dad caught me with a guy

I just remembered the day my dad caught me talking to a guy around 9 pm on a street after mine.

This guy who later became my boyfriend was giving me sweet words while I walked close to him, shoulder-to-shoulder.

All of a sudden, I sighted him.

It was my dad coming from the opposite direction with the knapsack he usually took to work hanging on one of his shoulders.

I knew my dad’s gait so it was easy for me to recognize him even in the dark.

Quickly, I whispered to my prospective boo, “That’s my dad coming. Oh God, I’m finished.”

You know the next thing he did?

He brought out his phone from his pocket, fiddled with it, and began to walk towards the other side of the road.

Then I noticed he increased his pace, placed the phone to his ear, and started talking like he was actually on a call.

Since we were no longer on the same pace, he walked past my dad while I kept walking slowly, praying in my heart of hearts my old man didn’t notice anything.

But being a sharp guy, my dad noticed and asked me, “Were you not walking with him?’

See trap.

He didn’t even phrase the question the other way round. He was direct yet indirect.

I told him no and said I was walking on my own and the guy was on his own too.

Then he asked me what I was doing outside by that time.


Luckily, I didn’t just sneak out to see a man. My mom sent me on an errand.

Daddy said ok and started lamenting about how he’s told my mom to stop sending me on errands late.

And that was how the conversation changed gear and God saved my ass.

If my dad had actually known that I was actually talking to a guy…

Walahi I for chop confam beating that night.

But I got saved. And this is one of the few instances I deceived my dad as a teen to avoid a serious beating.

I’ll forever be grateful to God for that experience.

Because then, my papa no dey use eye see me with man.

The Writer who knows how to do Fashion,

Victoria Willie

Creative Director, Ria Kosher

P.S: I’m sharing this story first with you before I publish it on the timeline. Why?

Because I’m sorry for sending today’s email late.

Now here comes today’s style lesson:

Never underestimate any fashion trend. It’ll always come back again even better than their first appearance.

I know right. It doesn’t relate to my story above. But it relates to next Friday’s email.


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