I Want to Help You Save Money

They say money isn’t everything yet the Bible says money answereth all things.

 I want to help you save money so it can answereth all things for you.

Things like investing in something that will bring more money to answereth more all things…

Like giving yourself beautiful treatments in the world.

Like traveling around the world with your better half.

Like using the gadgets of your dreams.

Like cruising in your dream ride.

Like wearing the best shoes, clothes and accessories.

Speaking of clothes, how long do you wear your clothes before getting new ones?

One month? Two months? Six? A year? Or five years?

I don’t know but I know five years is out of it.

And one thing doesn’t change:

Nothing lasts forever in this life; not even the clothes in your wardrobe that are worth N50,000.

But the fact that nothing lasts forever doesn’t mean you have to treat your clothes anyhow.


They’ll get old someday or you’ll outgrow them.

If you don’t take care of your clothes, you’ll wind up giving them a short lifespan. And guess what happens next?

You spend more money to get more clothes because you can’t walk about naked.

That way, you don’t save money at all.

I mean, if you keep buying clothes all the time because your current clothes don’t last, you won’t have money to answereth all things for you.

That’s why I want to help you save money by showing you how to take care of your clothes so they last longer.

For instance, rather than your clothes looking worn out anytime you wear them, they’ll look like you just took them off the rack.

Because you give them adequate care.

And you’ll be able to invest that money saved into something profitable to give you more money.

There are ways to do this easily.

And I’ve covered them in an article on Ria Kosher’s sister website, Svelte Magazine

If you’ll like to know how to take care of your clothes better so they last longer and help you save money for other important things,

Read the article.

And remain kosher until I return.

The Writer who knows how to do fashion,

Victoria Willie

Creative Director, Ria Kosher

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