I’m done with you

I’m not perfect; neither are you. And even if I know nobody cares, I’ll still go ahead to say it.

I know this doesn’t concern you but…

I’m tired.

I’m hurt.

And yeah, I’m giving up.

Victoria, give up nau. How your matter take concern me sef?

You may say.

I know it doesn’t concern you.

It doesn’t at all.

But maybe when you sit and it suddenly hits you after two months that Victoria all of a sudden stopped dropping by your mailbox, you’ll understand.

I don’t have any more words for you.

But whether I still send you emails every Friday or not, never forget this one thing:

Always dress well in what you love no matter what others think about it. 

I don’t believe in fashion rules, one reason I always advise you to break ’em rules. You just have to do it well and own it like it’s your invention.


This was supposed to be my goodbye note but here I am still talking fashion.

I guess that’s the Universe’s way of prodding me to carry on.

Thank you.

Writing this to you suddenly makes me want to try again.

And that I will.

Lemme go scribble more words.

And design more pieces from Ria Kosher in case you didn’t see what you like in our Loud Silence collection.

Thank you once again.

Remain kosher, baby.

Me too I won’t give up on being…

The Writer who knows how to do Fashion,

Victoria Willie

Creative Director, Ria Kosher

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