Is there anything worse than a wrong investment?

Is there anything worse than a wrong investment?

I didn’t say ‘bad’. I said ‘wrong’.

They’re two different things.

Let me paint a picture:

Say you invested in a legit business and along the line, you experienced losses more than the profit.

That’s a bad investment.

But when you invest in something that claimed to be legit…

And when it’s time to get your returns, you instead get excuses and ghosting from the CEO…


You don’t need anyone to tell you you just made a wrong investment.

Apart from losing a loved one, is there anything worse than that?

The kind of pain you’ll feel in your chest— especially if you invested a huge sum— will be worse than heartbreak.

Something similar happens when you buy the wrong item from the wrong online vendor.

Imagine how disappointed you’d feel after trying out the item only to see the material is low quality…

Or it doesn’t fit perfectly.

Or it isn’t worth the price.

Or all other regrets that can make you want to bite yourself.

The worst is when you can’t refund the item and get your money back.


If you asked me, it’s the same as making a wrong financial investment because na money you use buy the cloth.

But if I can’t stop you from investing in the wrong business.

I can stop you from investing in the wrong fashion item.

How, you ask?

Two years ago, I wrote a resource on the best ways to buy clothes (or anything) online without encountering regrets.

If you love shopping online, you’ll find it useful.

It’ll show you how to recognize bad vendors.

  • How to buy your correct size of clothes online
  • How to know if the fabric is quality or not
  • How to check for any risk involved in buying
  • How to know if the online vendor is real or a scam
  • How to handle pay before delivery
  • How to contact the vendor if anything goes wrong

It’ll also show you how to determine your size when buying clothes online to avoid buying what’s too tight or big.

Wanna learn about it?

Download the resource here.

It’ll help you avoid ‘What I ordered vs What I got.’

And yeah, it’s completely free.


The Writer who knows how to do Fashion,

Victoria Willie

Creative Director, Ria Kosher

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