It Took Me So Long to do This

As she uploaded the picture on Facebook, she smiled to herself.

She would use it for starters.

Her real picture was not good.

Beyonce’s would do the magic.

She viewed the picture again and saw how Beyonce rocked the hat.

Deep down, she wished she could be like that.

But she wasn’t beautiful enough to use her real picture on Facebook.

And she was so young and tiny.

Nobody would be friends with her.

Let Beyonce’s face gather the friends while her posts keep them.

This was me in 2011.

And I never uploaded a real picture of myself on Facebook until almost three years later.

Everybody one way or the other has suffered from low self-esteem. 

Some days you feel like you’re the best that can be.

Other days, you feel like you’re the worst.

But while little and great achievements massage your ego and make you feel more confident about yourself, something else does.

It’s the clothes you wear.

There’s something about wearing nice clothes.

Let me use myself as an example.

I figured that whenever I wear really nice clothes and I take a look at myself in the mirror, I feel so good.

And when anyone compliments my attire, I feel better than good.

This mostly happens whenever I wear Ria Kosher’s clothes to an outing.

It’s now like the driving force for every piece I design.

Will it suit my customer’s body type?

Will it make her feel good?

Will it make her stand out in a special occasion?

Will it make people compliment her?

I think you should do that when you select clothes to wear out.

Ensure your outfit makes you outstanding.

Ensure you feel comfortable in it.

Ensure you feel good in it.

And be welcome to praises too.

For when you wear something that suits your body type and makes you stand out, the compliments will come.


As you chase your goals, ups and downs will definitely come.

But you can always elevate your mood and boost your self-esteem by wearing clothes that massage your ego.

Maybe when Ria Kosher is done with what she’s cooking, you’ll see some ready-to-wear stuff that will do all that for you.

Until then…

Use what you have to get what you want.


That phrase had a negative undertone when I was in secondary school. So lemme rephrase:

Until then…

Use the clothes you have to get the self-esteem boost you want.

I love you.

Thank you for seeing value in…

The Writer who knows how to do Fashion,

Victoria Willie

Creative Director, Ria Kosher

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