Let’s Make Love

How’s it going?

Pretty well, I guess.

Well, it’s going well for me. And I’m excited for two reasons.

Don’t worry.

 I’ll give you the gist.

Just promise me you’ll make love today.

I completed my #100DaysOfDoingFashion consistency series on Twitter.

It was an exciting but discouraging journey at a point.


Did I tell you about it?

I’m sorry if I didn’t.

Sometimes I can be so on-the-low.

As I was saying,

I completed it

I got to day 100 successfully.

And all of a sudden…

I made over 4000 followers in a day.


Did you just say “Wow! Congratulations?”

Thank you.

But that’s not the point at all.

The point is…

I want you… us to make love.

Feel it on your body… let it go deep…

Let it get to that point of excitement.

And experience that feeling of oneness.

It’s important.

It’s really important.

And this isn’t about your libido or sexuality.

This is about your fashion sense.

Let’s make love.

I want you to make love.

I want you to make some sizzling stylish love…

with the clothes you wear.

Let them connect with your body, mind and soul.

Let them connect with your style instinct.

Do it confidently.

Don’t be shy.

Open up to your style.

Own your style.

It’s all yours.

Live up to it.

And make sure you are super comfortable in all you wear while not forgetting to look stylish too.

Because that’s the surest way to make love with your clothes and have no regrets:

Looking stylish and comfortable in all you wear.

Don’t know how to blend comfort with style?

Read this article.

And don’t forget to remain kosher while I’m away.

I also will remain

The writer who knows how to do Fashion,

Victoria Willie

Creative Director, Ria Kosher

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