Make I Be Like Tattoo For Your Body

When I listen to that Fireboy’s song, so many things run through my mind.

The first is lovemaking.

I don’t know about you but that Fireboy’s song is one of the best Nigerian sex songs I’ve ever heard.

The lyrics and everything can put some images in your head.

Imagine the music blasting through your stereo as the one you love rains kisses like tattoo on your body.

Tattoos that only you see as memories in your head.

Tattoos that you don’t wanna ever clean off

Because they remind you of the one you love and how much you love them back.

But the sad thing about lovemaking tattoos is that nobody else sees them.

Just you.

Right in your head.

And that’s good.

Not everyone has to know that you do (or imagine doing) mummy and daddy

We’re all angels in Nigeria, you know.

Let it just be between you and your lover.

But you see…

There’s a tattoo everyone will and should see on your body.

I don’t mean the tattoo you get after someone inserts something into your skin.

I don’t mean that tattoo that causes you pains.

I don’t mean that visible tattoo.

The tattoo I’m referring to here is a fashion-related one.

And guess what it’s called …


Your style is a tattoo on your body that you, your lover and everyone around you see.

You don’t have to go through pains to get it.

You don’t even have to pay anyone to insert a sharp object inside your skin in a bid to draw marks.

All you have to do is to envisage how you love to dress,

Buy clothes, shoes and accessories that portray how you see it in your head

And dress like you envisage.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you’ve realized that you love to wear stuff that makes people notice and admire you at first glance.

You’ll make sure your special events clothes will be more of bold colours and standout details.

What if you just want to blend in with the crowd without anyone noticing you?

Then you’ll opt for clothes that exude simplicity in terms of colour and design.

And when people see you…

They’ll see that tattoo on your body.

They’ll perceive your personal style and recognize you for it.

That’s when you hear people say stuff like:

“You don’t know this person? That lady that can do this, do that. That lady that dresses like a banker/musician/holy holy.”

You get my drift, right?

Your style is that tattoo not just on your body but also around you.

It surrounds you like an aura.

And describes your personality to people at first glance.

Own it and dress according to it.

The Writer who knows how to do Fashion,

Victoria Willie

Creative Director, Ria Kosher

P.S: I know you may be wondering why I preach style all the time. That’s because it is as important to fashion as clothes are important to your body.

I believe you’ve gone beyond the stage of dressing without considering what it says about you. 

You should dress according to how you want to express yourself.

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