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A Leap of Faith for Spring-Summer 2024

Many-in-One Two-Toned Dress

This season, Ria Kosher explores faith and how it ties into fashion. Each piece is rooted in the notion that every action stems from a thought often backed up by an unwavering belief in one’s God, oneself, and one’s choices.  …

Loud Silence — The Story Behind it

Ria Kosher's Loud Silence Collection

This season, Ria Kosher not only makes clothes that enhance the style of women who love to invest in their appearance. We go a step further to design pieces that seek to tell the story of every young woman who…

Welcome Note

back view of the Cheche Set by Ria Kosher

Hello, there! Thank you very much for checking up It is with great delight that we announce the presence of our e-commerce store to you; it is with greater delight to have you here reading these words that come…