Only Precious got it right

Last week I gave you an assignment.

And only Precious got it right.

Before we do correction, here’s a copy of the letter in case you missed it:

Have you ever doubted yourself?

Have you ever doubted your capabilities?

Have you ever thought you can’t do what it is you always do?

If you have, that makes two of us.

That shit happens to the best of us.

And while the feeling comes like the wind, never dwell on it.

Allow the feeling do its job knowing full well it’ll leave so long as you don’t give it room to destroy you.

This is exactly what I told myself today.

Been struggling to meet a task for two days now.

And while I sulked at this feeling of being mediocre, a friend reminded me that I’m “Victoria fucking Willie.”


When the coast is clear, the ship will sail smoothly.

I speak to myself too.

No fashion tip today.

But maybe if you looked closely, you’ll see how this relates to fashion ’cause I can’t.

Stay kosher.


To be frank, I didn’t really see the fashion tip in that email.

I wrote it in one of my down moments.

But Precious saw the style tip in it and sent me a six-minute detailed voice note submitting her assignment.

The lesson?

Sometimes, people may make you think your outfit looks bad.

But it’s left for you to own it with confidence and rock the outfit to prove them wrong.

Precious gave me two examples when friends belittled an outfit she wore to an event.

Only to arrive at the venue and she was the one who got the most compliments.

In her words which I don’t exactly remember:

“If my self-confidence was 40% it became 100% immediately people praised my outfit. And my friends that were bashing my cloth started famzing me.”

As I always preach, many of those who play fashion police know nothing about fashion.

Fcuk them.

Wear what you want.

Wear it with confidence.

And if at all nobody admires your outfit, they’ll admire your self-confidence.

Precious thanked me for being her style-confidence booster.

I know you’ll do the same soon enough.

But if you doubt, remember these words are from…

The Writer who knows how to do Fashion,

Victoria Willie

Creative Director, Ria Kosher

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