We go through difficulties just to be who we crave to be and in the process, we experience who we are not ending up with scars and memories which embolden us to become who we are.
Ria Kosher’s Becoming edition may be for the female gender but it is for every human who has evolved in one way or the other. Becoming stands to remind you of your growth as a person. Remember when where you are right now was a daydream? Remember when pains were painful yet you kept envisaging the sweet end of it —joy and fulfillment. Remember when you felt you weren’t up to standard but now you see another you — a kind of you everyone admires, envies and looks up to?
Now you are BECOMING. That’s our essence in life —to become a bigger and grander version of who we really are.

Become the woman of your dreams as you shop any of the dresses from Ria Kosher’s Becoming collection.