Brown Collared Illusion Sheath Dress


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It’s your first day at work.

You not only have to create a good first impression to your colleagues.

You also need to look your best.

So you look at your wardrobe, wondering what to wear.

And your eyes fall on this illusion sheath dress.

You slip it on.

Fasten the invisible zipper behind.

And head for work.

What welcomes you are stares of admiration from your colleagues.

They can’t stop complimenting your dress.

They like the illusion of figure 8 the brown part gives you.

They say it flatters your figure.

You appreciate them and wave at some.

They love how detailed the bishop sleeves are around your hands.

And when you turn your back, they see it’s all black and gush over your dress again.

It blends well with the white collar and sleeves, they say.

Then you decide within you to wear it to church so you can make a style statement there too.

Go ahead and add this Brown Illusion Sheath Dress to your wardrobe.

And remember to thank Ria Kosher when the compliments come rolling.

But remember…

This dress is exclusive.

That’s why we made only two.

If you don’t buy it now, someone else will and you won’t get to exude class with it.

How to Style

  • Pair with heels or cover-toe flats.
  • No need for a necklace; the collar already serves as one.
  • Add a wristwatch.
  • Grab your handbag.
  • A scarf or any headwear if you like.
  • Do this for every formal occasion.


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