Brownie Detachable Sleeve Two-Piece


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This one is for the edgy boss chick.

Imagine strutting into the office in an outfit that speaks volumes about the confidence you exude.

This detachable sleeve two-piece says one thing: you aren’t bound by norms.

While the right is pleated with brown crepe, the left is an illusion of an off-shoulder white sleeve.

Guess what?

The left sleeve is detachable.

So when the weather gets hot, feel free to take it off while the brown pleats remain.

We added a streak of pink buttons that appear slanted.

No other lady wears this in the room.

No other lady exudes this kinda confidence.

And when you walk past anyone…

Their eyes land on the zipper behind your well-tailored pants.

Something to add more details to your appealing back view. 

Wear this if you love to command respect and attention without speaking.

It’s the perfect outfit for a woman like you who knows her style.

How to Style

  • Rock the pants and top as an assemble with a pair of cover-toe heels.
  • Pair the top with another pair of pants or skirt.
  • Pair the pants with another shirt or maybe a T-shirt.
  • For a more edgy look, try the pants with sneakers.
  • Sprinkle your accessories and head to that formal gathering in style.


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