Daring Asymmetrical Dual-Coloured Dress


Say hello to the DARING dress.

The idea for this design came on the spur of the moment, we must admit.

We remember playing around with the fabrics and then positioned the cyan one to create an asymmetrical look.

And that was it!

Made with crepe, this asymmetrical dress is everything you need to show off your curves and beautiful legs.

The hemline alone isn’t what makes it asymmetrical; the neckline does too.

So if you want to show off your fine shoulders without putting on an off-shoulder or strapless top/dress, wear this.

While one sleeve is long enough to shelter your right hand, the other is just a band with draping that encircles your left arm.

This helps you grab and command more attention.

We had to blend the colours black and cyan to achieve this look as a way of portraying how life can be two-sided —dark and bright.

Little wonder it was named DARING. Because we believe it’s only a DARING lady that can grab the bull by the horn and face the dark and bright side of life at the same time.

Wear this if you desire to turn heads in any casual gathering or occasion.

Wear this if you are proud of your body and you love to own it. This is what Ria Kosher means by “DARING”.

Are you ready to be a DARING lady?

Let us know by checking out right away.

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