Eva Two-piece Crop Top and Pants


Size: 8 and 10

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Two friends lived somewhere, let’s call it Kosherland.

They both were hot and pretty yet she alone got the attention. 

They both were sweet and kind yet he chose her. 

They both were perfect for the role but she won it. 

The most plausible reason is our Eva Set.

It comprises a pair of black pants and a pink top. 

The pant is decorated with pink organza frills and four silver rings with a rope to be knotted into any form. 

The top has puffy sleeves and a bow right in front to add more details to its look.

 Its strapless neckline highlights your beautiful shoulders and fabulous collarbones, making anyone who throws you a glance look twice. 

The puffy, off-shoulder sleeves take some attention to your hands so when you wave to the crowd, your hands speak volume.

It is made with poly material which makes it stretchy enough to accommodate you even when you put on some little weight. 

And that’s not all! 

Also, you can wear a sleeveless kimono or tunic over it whenever you don’t feel like flaunting your shoulders.

This is the one top to get you noticed even in the dimmest of places.


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