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Her presentation held members of the board spellbound.

How she exuded confidence and poise as she spoke.

When she finished, their hands danced in applause.

And she smiled to herself with satisfaction and pride.

Deal sealed!

But there was something else that endeared her to the board.

It was this Lavender Hourglass Blazer Dress.

Nobody said you can’t flaunt your curves while looking professional.

One reason we made this blazer dress.

We played with the colour purple and its lilac shade to achieve it.

Then we thought about the lavender flower and added the floral lapel, while the other is satin.

It’ll stand you out and thrill the eyes of all who stare at you.

This hourglass blazer dress is très chic, classy, and the perfect match for power dressing.

But there’s only one in stock.

If you don’t buy it now, someone else will and you won’t get to exude power with it.

How to Style

  • Wear your cover-toe heels or flats if it’s for work.
  • Sprinkle some accessories and jewelry here and there.
  • When you want a different look, unbutton it and wear it like a blazer to layer another outfit. 
  • Attend that formal occasion and turn heads.


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