Many-in-One Two-Toned Dress


This two-toned dress is your balance between fun and work. It comes with two sets of detachable sleeves: mutton sleeves and elasticated straps. 

You either fix the mutton sleeves on or off your shoulders or attach the straps to the front and back buttons we added for functionality and accents. Or better still, go strapless and highlight the decolletage so your upper torso takes the full attention.

Rock the mutton sleeves when you have business casual events. Use the elasticated straps when you need to look classy casual. 

This dress takes you from day to night easily, maintaining your style while exuding sophistication. It’s a visual reminder that come what may, you’ll always have options.

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Product Details

  • Many-in-One Two-Toned Dress
  • Mutton sleeves
  • Elasticated spaghetti straps
  • Buttons
  • Fit: Pencil
  • Material: Crepe
  • Zipper closure
  • Length is customizable
  • Colors: two shades of brown, lilac, pink, and white and black.

Sizing & fit

Model is 5’9|177cm and is wearing a prototype in Ria Kosher size 10.

 How to style

  • Wear it as a strapless dress.
  • Rock both mutton sleeves and both elasticated straps together.
  • Take off one mutton sleeve and one strap.
  • Criss-cross the elasticated strap and rock it with or without the mutton sleeves.
  • Rock one elasticated strap sideways.
  • Wear the mutton sleeves alone as on or off-the-shoulder.

The styling possibilities of this dress are endless. Unleash your creativity, pick the one that resonates with you best, and rock the Many-in-one dress as you like.


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