Overcomer Shacket


The Overcomer Shirt Jacket in our signature colors and Canadian-smocked pattern is a workwear staple. But beyond that, it signifies your victory over life’s challenges. With its wrist-length wavy sleeves, button closure, purple pocket, and lined lapel details, the shacket is an embodiment of bold minimalism and class. Adorned with buttons made from recycled plastic, it conveys a message to keep the environment healthy while looking stylish.

This piece represents Ria Kosher’s commitment to infusing unexpected elements into eco-friendly timeless designs.

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Product Details

  • Overcomer Shacket
  • Material: Crepe
  • Fit: loose-fitting, hip-length
  • Buttons made from recycled plastic
  • Patch pocket
  • Available colors: white

Sizing & fit

Model is 5’9|177cm and is wearing a prototype in Ria Kosher size 10.

 How to style

  • Rock the shacket with its accompanying pants as an ensemble or pair it with other bottoms for a versatile look.


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