Pederer Double Layered Bell Bottoms Suit


Size: 12-14

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Let’s say you have an occasion coming up.

Maybe it’s a party at work.

Or a gathering of elites.

You want to command respect and stand out from the crowd.

You want to make a fashion statement too.

And that’s what this Double Layered Bell Bottoms Suit will do for you.

There are no lapels on the blazer.

Just the jewel neckline and the silver buttons and holes that run from top to bottom.

We also gave it double-layer bell sleeves to ensure the blazer says something.

And the pants…

Not your regular suit pants.

Let’s say we wanted to create a pair of formal double-layered bell bottoms.

Then we elasticated the waistband to ensure it fits when you put on little weight.

Now imagine yourself strutting in it.

Maybe you wear the ensemble together.

Or you pair the pants with another shirt.

Or you rock the blazer on its own to flaunt your hot legs.

Feel the eyes of onlookers on you.

Some walk up to you to compliment you.

Others just can’t stop staring.

And you smile to yourself because that’s definitely gonna happen once you don this two-piece.

You’ll not only exude power.

You’ll also command attention.

Because your Pederer Double Layered Bell Bottoms Suit is exclusive.

That’s why we made just one.

So when you wear it to that event, you stand out from the crowd without trying hard.

But if you don’t buy it now, that may never happen. 

Because someone else is probably about to check out and snatch it before it reaches you. 

How to Style

  • Rock the suit as an ensemble with your heels to exude confidence.
  • Pair the pants with another top.
  • Rock the blazer on its own.
  • Add your accessories.
  • Grab your handbag and go steal the show.


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