Rest Bubu-Shirtdress


Embrace the freedom and fluidity of a maxi piece by copping the eco-friendly Rest Bubu-Shirtdress. This piece is a call for you to let go of what you can’t control and enter into that rest. It doubles as a maxi shirtdress and a Bubu with transformative sleeves you can wear as they are or adjust to get an Agbada-esque look.

This shirt features buttons made from recycled plastic. Its message is simple: keep the environment healthy while looking stylish.

With an inclusive loose fit, this maxi shirtdress promises to accommodate your body when your weight fluctuates or pregnancy calls. Its collar adds a formal vibe, and the buttons, when undone, allow you to transform it into a kimono.

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Product Details

  • Rest Bubu-Shirtdress
  • Fit: floor-length, loose-fitting
  • Material: Silk
  • Buttons made from recycled plastic
  • Available colors: Blue, purple, pink, cream/white

Sizing & fit

Model is 6ft and is wearing a prototype in sky blue.

How to style

  • Adjust the sleeves upward for an Agbada look.
  • Leave the sleeves as they are.
  • Unbutton the maxi shirtdress and use it to layer other outfits.
  • Fasten the buttons for the complete bubu look.


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