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“I need something simple yet stylish,” she says to the sales attendant.

You are watching.

You hear what she says.

Maybe you should get something simple yet stylish too.

Maybe you should make yours go further.

Let’s say something simple, stylish, and formal.

For the days when you need to be productive at the office.

So you go through the racks and you find this dress.

Our Rina Flared Dress.

Two colours — brown and white — to remind you of the peacefulness of nature.

There’s an invisible zipper behind to ease wearing.

And when you try it on, you love how the white bodice carves an inverted parenthesis below your shoulders.

It’s just one. 

You should take this to the counter already.

You can’t wait to add it to your workwear collection.

Or maybe you should wear it to your worship centre first.

You turn around and see that the other lady is approaching.

Nah…she can’t have this dress.

“This is what I want,” you hear her say to the sales attendant.

You smile at her as she stares at you.

You can see the look of admiration in her eyes.

But you don’t care.

You saw it first, so it’s yours.

Let’s make this a reality.

This time, don’t take it to the counter.

Just check out right away.

How to Style

  • Pair with your flats or heels.
  • Wear your earrings and add a drop necklace if you want.
  • Go command elegance and class at that formal gathering.


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