Soothing Fringed Blazer Dress


Corporate, but make it kosher!” That’s the mantra of this single-breasted blazer dress. It’s the perfect adornment for business settings and other casual occasions. This suit dress is embellished with buttons made from recycled plastic. Its message is simple: keep the environment healthy while looking stylish. 

Besides its eco-friendliness, this piece also features a notch lapel, fringes around the hem, inner pockets, and a flounce that adds more accents. The dress is your reminder to stay calm when the storm comes. Bask in its soothing fabric as you embody style, power, and boldness through this piece.

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Product Details

  • Soothing Fringed Blazer Dress
  • Fit: above-the-knee, form-fitting
  • Material: Crepe
  • Buttons made from recycled plastic
  • Available colors: red, black, white, deep purple, and blue 

Sizing & fit

Models are 5’4 wearing a prototype in Ria Kosher size 10.


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