The Pastor’s Wife Set


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Brief story about this outfit, shall we? 

Let’s start with the shirt.

We made a custom design to style a client. But when she received it, she said she didn’t like it. 

And when I asked why, she said she wasn’t a pastor’s wife. 

One would expect me to be pissed. After all, I carried her through the design process down to production only for her to reject the finished work. 

But I understood her, got back the shirt and made another one for her which she loved. 

Now the skirt…

Would you believe if I told you it was originally a dress?

Well, the upper part got torn a day to this event and I had to turn it into a skirt.

The result is what you see above.

I kept the shirt and decided I’d become a pastor’s wife if that’s what it means to own what you create. 

So well, maybe I should call this set THE PASTOR’S WIFE SET.

Not what your regular mummy G.O would wear to church, right?

Well, that’s because only the shirt can be worn to church.

How to Style

  • Rock both as an ensemble.
  • Pair the skirt with another top.
  • Pair the shirt with another bottoms.
  • Go for heels, flats, or sneakers.
  • And don’t forget to accessorize too.


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