Tri-coloured Buttoned Chiffon Ruffle Top


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Blue. White. Pink

That was what we noticed as she sashayed towards us.

There was a way her top cascaded around her body when she turned to greet a passer-by.

It oozed elegance!

And the first thing that crossed my mind was the biblical coat of many colours.

Maybe we should have called it the coat of many colours.

But it has just three colours with ruffles that serve as the details of each layer.

There are buttons if you choose to wear it as a top.

You fasten them from top to bottom, slip on your bottom and shoes, and strut the town.

But there’s another way you can rock this top.

And we never knew about it until she unbuttoned to show she wore something else underneath.

Our Buttoned Chiffon Ruffle Top is not just a top.

It’s loose-fitting so it can pass for an outerwear to layer your dresses, bottoms and tops.

So much value in one top, don’t you think?

Wear this and have a colourful day.

This ruffled top is special.

That’s why we’ve got only two.

If you don’t shop now, someone else will beat you to it and you won’t get to rock it as you desire. 

How to Style

  • Wear it as a top with a befitting bottom.
  • Grab on your heels or flats.
  • Wear it over another top (preferably turtleneck) to layer it.
  • Wear a dress and layer with this top.
  • Add a belt to cinch your waist.
  • Sprinkle some accessories here and there.


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