Victorian Multicoloured Shirt and Pants


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Everything about this outfit says it’s not your regular work wear.

From the blue and green voluminous sleeves, to the black and white collar, down to the square-shaped cuffs….

Every little detail says we made this for you to stand out.

From who or what, you ask?

We made this piece for you to stand out from any other woman in the crowd.

Whether it’s a conference, a luncheon, a church service, a social event, birthday party, or any regular day at work…

If you wear our Victorian Multicoloured Shirt and Pants we assure you of one thing:

You’ll feel more confident.


Because you’ll not only be different from the rest in your unique attire.

People will also admire you either with their eyes or with their mouths and when this happens, you’ll be proud of your fashion taste.

While the shirt does the talking for you, the pants keep things on the low.

How to Style

  • Wear both as an ensemble.
  • Pair the pants with a bright-colored top.
  • Pair the shirt with another pants or maybe a skirt.
  • Use the shirt to layer your sleeveless dresses.
  • Rock your heels, ballerina flats, or sneakers.
  • Don’t forget your handbag (and sunglasses too).
  • Wear this to work, church, conferences, luncheons, or any social event for a standout look.


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