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“Wear this two-piece to our outing,” you hear your friend say and you turn to look at her.

In her hands are a blue pair of shorts that look like a skirt and a crop top.

You look closely and see that it’s not a skirt.

It’s a culotte.

But that’s not why your friend asks you to wear it.

She says the culotte isn’t like every other.

The right leg is pleated.

And the waistband is elasticated to fit you even when you put on weight.

You look closely at it and see that you can even pair the culotte with another top if you choose.

And you can rock the top with another bottom too.

So you do as she says.

You wear it to the party.

No one else has this two-piece, little wonder they can’t stop staring.

You love how it looks good on you.

You also love how the top’s portrait neckline frames your shoulders.

You love the flared sleeves and how the culotte flaunts your beautiful legs.

You can’t wait to take a picture for the gram so everyone else can see how our Pleated Culotte Set makes you stand out at the party.

But it’s just one.

So if you don’t check out right away, you may never get to rock it.

How to Style

  • Wear it with a pair of sneakers to look on-the-go.
  • Pair it with white, green, orange, yellow, pink, black, or nude heels for a chic look.
  • Rock both pieces together as an ensemble.
  • Wear each with another top or bottom.
  • Add your sunglasses and any other befitting accessory.
  • Head for your weekend outing.


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