Sometimes, you act like a snake

What if I told you that you sometimes act like a snake?

Calm down.

Don’t arch your brows at me like that.

I mean…

We all have that snake’s trait of shedding skin in us.

Now let me explain.

These past few months have been a tough one for me.

Particularly because I took a big shift in my writing and entered a new niche.

And this is one of the toughest yet best experiences I’ve ever had in all my born days. 

The thought processes…

Research processes…

And the writing itself has been one that gives me the shivers even before I begin.

It has even affected my activities on social media.

One reason is because after thinking deep every day to write, I get exhausted to push content for social media.

But I just realized that all these have been life’s way of helping me shed my skin to get a better one.

When a snake grows, its skin doesn’t grow.

Soon enough, the snake outgrows that skin.

And to get a better one, it sheds.

It’s the same way we have to go through a process that initially seems difficult just to experience growth.

And as that realization hit me, I began approaching my present state with a different mindset.

Over to you now.

What’s that difficult skin you have to shed to execute your growth?

Go ahead and shed it.

Go through the tough process with your eyes solely on your end-goal.

Because at the end, you’ll be no ordinary “snake”.

You’ll be one with the perfect skin that fits your growth.

The Writer who knows how to do Fashion,

Victoria Willie

Creative Director, Ria Kosher

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