Thank God Events are Back!

Thank God Events are Back!

This life no balance at all.

Can you imagine?

I just remembered something that happened two years ago.

I really don’t like talking about it because it makes me seem timid. What am I even saying?

Of course, I was timid. I wasn’t just timid; I was a shy girl who got easily intimidated by the most incapable things such as another person’s lipstick. Yes! A mere lipstick could intimidate me.

Tell you what happened.

A friend of mine had invited me to her sister’s wedding. This wedding was strictly by invitation and I wanted to go. The main reason was because I hadn’t seen my friend for a couple of years and then I also wanted to go out so I could make new friends.

I knew people of high calibre would grace the occasion and that thought alone made me think twice about attending the wedding.

I couldn’t tell my friend this. She was expecting me but deep down, I kept wondering if I was fit enough.

I’d look at the dress I had in mind to wear and sigh. Can this compete with the designers other attendees would be wearing? I’d wonder to myself.

Unfortunately, or rather, fortunately for me, a day before the wedding, as I ironed my dress, something unexpected happened.

Yes, you guessed right.

 The iron kissed my dress and left a scar on it.

I didn’t know what to do when I saw that I had burnt the dress. I just held the iron, looked at the dress, looked back at the iron, before I finally turned the switch off and let the dress rest.

I was supposed to be sad but I wasn’t. Instead, I was happy. Somehow, I had an excuse to give my friend on why I wouldn’t turn up.

 Trust me, when I saw pictures of other acquaintances who attended the wedding, I thanked the iron for burning my dress.

I felt my dress was inadequate. I hadn’t learnt the art of wearing the most basic outfit in the most stylish way.

Now I have and it’s been so much fun.

 You know that feeling of making a statement with your outfit in an occasion where people would definitely slay better than you?

Well, I’ve been doing that ever since I learnt that your style isn’t solely dependent on your dress but your carriage too. And when you add the right dress to the equation, you can only be the cynosure of all eyes.

I did it with these outfits below.

 I wore both to a traditional and white wedding respectively and I didn’t want to take them off even after getting home. Why? Because almost every passerby kept complimenting me!

I won’t forget in a hurry how my longstanding crush who had never spoken to me before asked me out in the wedding reception I wore the short dress to. That day was the first time we spoke and he was asking me out. Wow!

It was either the dress flattered me to his notice or I became irresistible all of a sudden.

But that’s not what got me psyched about the whole attention — the fact that I was wearing Ria Kosher’s designs did.

Another day, a friend wore this dress below to a dinner.

 I was with her yet she kept getting all the “I love your dress” compliment. The only thing that didn’t make me feel a tad jealous was the fact that she was wearing Ria Kosher.

 So I just smiled to myself and said, “who asked you not to wear Ria Kosher? Now nobody send you.”

Hi, dear.

I’m so glad events are back. You now have the opportunity to wear the fine clothes that have been hanging in your wardrobe since the lockdown began.

 I understand the tension we sometimes hate to admit when we have big events: “Hope I don’t underdress or overdress.”

 Inasmuch as we can be careless about how we look sometimes, there are some events that will make you imagine yourself stepping into the place a thousand times before you eventually step in. That’s why I’m here again.

If you read Ria Kosher’s free report on the guidelines for shopping online, you must have seen the free consultation alert there.

I want to help you dress for your goal. Is it a dinner, wedding, induction or what have you? Is it this month, next month, next two months or even next year? I want to help you dress for it.

 I don’t want you feeling inadequate about what you’d be wearing and as such, I’ll gladly show you how you can wear the simplest of dresses and still steal the show.

If you don’t have what to wear, we can work together and I’ll design pieces that suit your personality. If you’re the reserved one, the dress will depict your reserved nature. If you’re the fun-loving type, we’ll do it still. And we’ll also consider stuff like your body type and skin tone too.

The goal is to take the worries of what to wear and how to wear off your shoulders by simply having a talk with me about your event and the look you want to achieve. You don’t have to pay. This whole consultation is completely FREE.

Are you game? You have to be game o. Hit me up instantly on WhatsApp here. I can’t wait to help you resume slaying. This pandemic will not succeed in Jesus name. Amen.

So send me a message on WhatsApp now let’s talk. Don’t let this free consultation pass you by.


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