Ria Kosher

Ria Kosher's Loud Silence Collection

We all suffer from bouts of low self-esteem. Some days, you feel on top of the world. On other days, you feel low. It’s normal and is all a part of your story. But you know what almost never fails to boost confidence? The clothes you wear. 

There’s something about wearing not just nice but unique clothes. They bring you attention, get you compliments, earn you respect, and make you feel better about yourself.

That’s what Ria Kosher wants to do for you. We want to clothe you with très chic wears that:

  • Stand you out.
  • Earn you the respect and compliments you deserve.
  • And boost your self-esteem.

But we can’t achieve that if you don’t grant us the privilege.

We are a made-to-order fashion label that caters to the clothing needs of fashion enthusiasts who love to stand out in what they wear.

You may not be a model on a catwalk, but when you wear one of our fashion-forward statement pieces, we’re sure of one thing: the world becomes your runway where you flaunt your style to the admiration of all.

As a slow fashion brand, we don’t produce in numbers. We believe every person’s body is different and that’s why we make your clothes customized to your specifications. We’re also focused on saving the environment by reducing waste and ensuring our production processes are quality and eco-friendly.

Furthermore, our fabrics are sourced locally in Nigeria, and our designs are our intellectual property.  We like to say you can’t find them anywhere else save for Ria Kosher. And that’s the truth. Each piece we create aims to give you a look different from everyone else. And since we don’t follow trends, rest assured whatever you buy from us is timeless enough to serve you for long.

Remember, your clothes can inspire self-confidence even on low days. So if you want to make a lasting impression on any special occasion, click the WhatsApp icon below. You’ll get a free consultation so we can understand your style needs better and create the perfect custom-made piece that best portrays your style.

We love to make fashion statements. We want to help you make them too either with our made-to-order pieces or custom styling services. 

So, go ahead and tell your story with your outfit. Put on Ria Kosher as your armour of self-confidence. For Ria Kosher is more than a fashion label. It’s a journey to perfection   and so are you who love, buy, and wear Ria Kosher.