Victoria Willie

Victoria B. Willie, Creative Director of Ria Kosher

Victoria Willie is a creative writer, entrepreneur and a fashion blogger who believes in the power of imaginations. Born in the late 1990s, Victoria has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts from the University of Uyo and derives pleasure in chasing dreams as that, to her, is the purpose of man’s existence —to follow desires through up until they become a part of one’s reality.

When she isn’t sketching the clothing ideas that saunter into her mind, she is scribbling words to describe the imaginations that roam in her mind or writing contents for her virtual fashion magazine, Svelte Magazine

Fashion had always been a part of her as it is for everyone but fashion in essence, began for Victoria in 2017 when the idea to birth Ria Kosher, her dream designer label, was conceived and nurtured. In 2018, she took the bold step and after much deliberations, Ria Kosher was birthed.

As the meaning of the brand name goes, VictoRIA is standard (Kosher).