Victoria Willie

Victoria B. Willie rocking bantu knots in Ria Kosher outfit

There was a time when the girl in the mirror was an eyesore to me; a time when the only thing I ever saw in her were her flaws. 

During that period, she was a failure to me, even when other people saw her as a star. I wept for her. I wept for her mistakes, for her shortcomings, for her lack, and her drawbacks. 

I couldn’t stand the girl I saw in the mirror. I couldn’t stand a picture of me. Then, I had to confirm from many others if my picture was beautiful before uploading it on social media. And if I mistakenly got a negative comment, I took down the photo. 

Even when my timeline was teeming with positive comments about my writing and beauty, I still never saw the good in me. Why? Because my self-esteem was way below zero level. 

For someone like me who stayed for more than two years before uploading her picture on Facebook, I know what it means to feel less confident about yourself. And when I got into fashion, I doubted the beauty of my designs until I got compliments from many. 

Soon, things began to change. I worked on the inner me and as I did, the compliments I got whenever I rocked Ria Kosher’s designs made me feel super good. I felt better whenever friends wore Ria Kosher and people complimented them in my presence without knowing I was the designer.

That became my motivation — design pieces that not only makes people look stylish but also brings them compliments that massage their ego.

I’m still at it. And if you are still reading these words of mine, I don’t think you want me to stop.

Enough with the Ria Kosher talk.

I’m Victoria Willie, the writer who knows how to do fashion.

Fashion has always been a part of me as it is for everyone. But fashion, in essence, began for me in 2017 when I conceived and nurtured the idea to birth Ria Kosher — my dream designer label.

After much deliberation in 2018, I decided to take it one bold step at a time. And here we are today, still growing.

When I’m not designing statement pieces for Ria Kosher, I’m writing style and beauty tips on, and sharing premium gist and fashion tips to my email list subscribers

Should I also add I love to share wild stories that always come with a twist? I’ll do that when you put on your self-confidence by wearing Ria Kosher.