The Tale of a Girl with Small Boobs

Mary picked up the dress and dropped it almost immediately.

What kind of bra would she wear that would suit the backless design of her dress?

Her eyes met the strapless bra sitting pretty on her bed and she stretched her hand to get it.

When she wore it, she realized the clasp behind kept competing with her back for attention.

In frustration, she took off the bra and wore the dress like that.

Her chest looked so flat as though she didn’t have any boobs. And her nipples kept protruding.

“Ah! Mary, you can’t wear this dress without a bra to the party o. See how your nipples are shooting out,” her roommate who had been watching her said.

Mary sighed and began to take off the dress. “I’ll just look for something else to wear.”

“No nau!” The roommate exclaimed and walked closer to her. “This dress is sexy. See how it hugs your body and flaunts your beautiful back. You just need good underwear and all will be well.”

That was the problem— Good underwear. But Mary didn’t have one.

As if to read her mind, the roommate smiled and said, “Don’t worry. I have the solution to your problem.”

Mary whose face had frustration written boldly on it looked at her roommate, wondering what the solution could be. 

The girl walked to her corner of the room, picked something under her pillow and returned to where Mary stood.

“Here. Use this.” She stretched out her hand and Mary saw what it was—a boob tape. “Let me help.”

And the God-send roommate helped Mary to apply the fashion tape.

When they finished, not only did it hide Mary’s nipples.

It pushed up her small boobs giving her the illusion of cleavages.

And it didn’t have any clasp that showed behind. 

It was just her back.

Her sexy back in view.

When Mary wore the backless dress, all everyone could see was sexiness in front and behind.

Of course, she had her roommate to thank for saving her from a wardrobe malfunction.

Just as you have me to thank for bringing this story to you today.

Ever been in Mary’s situation where you wanna wear a backless or plunging neckline dress but can’t because you don’t have the right bra for it?

Stop trying to push the clasp down or remove the straps.

Go braless but use a fashion tape to cover your nipples and push your boobs up.

But don’t go and buy a boob tape yet.

There are some things you should know before using a fashion tape in place of a bra.

Read this to see them and share with every young lady in your life who needs this hack.

The Writer who knows how to do Fashion, 

Victoria Willie

Creative Director, Ria Kosher

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