They are Tying You Down

How are you doing?

The Holy Spirit ministered to me earlier in the week.

He ministered to me through someone.

And the message He asked me to pass to you is simple:

“They are tying you down.”

Did you just ask “who are they?”


You’ll find out before I’m done.

Among the responses I got from my last email, one struck me.

It’s the one I got from Smart.

Smart is a beautiful and smart young lady.

I think she felt scared for me when she read my last email.

But when she got to the end of the text and realised what my pregnancy was, she sent a response.


She was scared on my behalf. 

Were you also scared on my behalf?


You wey your heart strong like pomo wey dem soak for five days.


As I was saying, smart Smart has realised that the fashion world is crazy 

and any fashion rule that doesn’t enhance your style only does one thing:

Ties you down.


They are tying you down.

I don’t mean your village people.

Open your style mind and see what I mean.

I mean those fashion rules you have refused to bend are actually trying you down.

Who said you can’t wear print on print?

Who said you can’t wear gold and silver jewelry at a time?

Who even said you can’t wear mismatched shoes?

You need to break loose now.

You need to break loose and do exploits with your style.

Just as you are doing exploits in your chosen career.

I have shown you how to break loose from these inhibiting fashion rules.

They are all in this article I wrote on Ria Kosher’s sister website, Svelte Magazine.

It’s all about bending the rules in fashion.

Bend the rules now.

And thank me later.

The writer who knows how to do fashion,

Victoria Willie

Creative Director, Ria Kosher

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