They Said You Spoke and Everywhere Burst

I’m lying.

I know.

Because it’s not you that spoke and everywhere burst.

It’s my friend, Ada.

Last Saturday, Ada made a statement at a wedding we attended.

It was one that shut everybody up.

You know that moment when someone says something and everybody’s eyes bulge in shock.


That’s it.

But when Ada made her statement, they weren’t shocked.

They stared at her in awe.

Because she got them impressed with the way she combined colours in her outfit.

Even those who couldn’t keep their being impressed to themselves walked up to her to compliment her.


That was the fashion statement Ada made that shut everybody up.

Hold on a second.

Were you thinking she made a mind-blowing verbal statement?

Well, there wasn’t any need for her to talk because already her well-matched colourful attires did the talking for her.

Do you know how to combine colours in your outfits?

Or are you among those fashion scaredy cats who wear neutral colors all their lives because they are afraid to get it wrong if they wear more colours.

If you answered yes to the two questions above, it’s about time you got outta your fashion shell.

There are ways to mix and match colours in your outfit without going wrong.

There are easy ways to wear more colours too.

One of my favourite tricks is to wear multicoloured clothes like these pieces from Ria Kosher.

fair model wearing tri-coloured buttoned chiffon ruffle top by Ria Kosher - close up
model wearing tri-coloured buttoned chiffon ruffle dress designed by Ria Kosher

As you can see, I combined three colours to achieve the looks.

I could have gone wrong with it.

But I didn’t because I know how to match colours right to pull off a great look.

Would you like to learn too?

Is that even a question?

Who wouldn’t like to know how to match colours in their outfit?

It’s one of the biggest challenges when dressing up.

Oya enough of my long talks.

There are two articles on Svelte Magazine that specially address colours.

Start with this one on how to match colours.

Next week, we’ll look at how to wear more colours.

Remain kosher, baby!

The Writer who knows how to do Fashion,

Victoria Willie,

Creative Director, Ria Kosher

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