This is how it all began

English people lied to us. 

Don’t arch your brows yet. Follow me steadily.

If you do a quick Google search on the first fashion designer, you’d see that it was Charles Frederick Worth in 1825.

But that’s a lie. He’s the first modern fashion designer and not the first designer ever.

Who then is the first fashion designer? How did this fashion thingy start?


Fashion began way before Frederick Worth invented attaching labels to clothes and using models on a runway show.

While I (and even Google) don’t know the first person ever to sew an article of clothing,

I know that fashion began in earnest when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. 

Remember when they couldn’t stand the thought of having God see them naked?

That was the first materialisation of the inspiration to invent fashion. 

That moment when they couldn’t look God in the eye and sought to cover their nakedness is fashion.

And the way they used fig leaves to cover themselves is their personal style.

But the fig leaves were just leaves. Not clothes. The leaves would never suffice.

And God seeing that, made them coats of skin to cover their nakedness.

Yeah…that makes God the first fashion designer ever. 

He didn’t contract the job of making the garments to Adam or Eve.

He did it himself according to Genesis 3:21.

Now, what’s the essence of this short history of mine?

I’ll tell you:

Fashion has always existed. Even before you were born.

And when you leave, it’ll still exist because we need it to survive just like how we need oxygen.

You don’t have to break the bank to look as good as you want.

If you can afford designers, go for it.

If you can’t, you have an option of thrift clothing.

I’m tired of hearing:

 “Victoria, I don’t have money to start practising your fashion tips.”

Yes, you need money to do fashion but you only need WHAT YOU CAN SPARE.

And to prove that, I wrote a listicle on how to look good on a budget.

If you love to dress well but have been postponing it because you think you need a million dollars to do fashion, read the article here.

And remember to stay kosher always.

The Writer who knows how to do Fashion,

Victoria Willie

Creative Director, Ria Kosher

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