This is How to Hide Belly Fat Forever


That sounded churchy, right? Hehe! Don’t mind me. Let me be my Kosher self now. Okay. 1…2…go…

My love,

(sounds better, huh?)

Ever since I stopped by to show you how to be an August visitor, I just vamoozed.

Don’t ask me what I’ve been doing, please. You think I’ll tell you I’ve been busy with life? Hehe! Okay yes o! I’ve been busy with life, my sister. I’ve been busy helping my friend, Anita, and her boyfriend settle their fight.

Did you just say “wetin concern you for their matter”? Okay. Babe, chill. Wait till I tell you what caused the fight in the first place. You’ll know wetin been concern me for their matter.

Anita and I were talking last week when she told me her boyfriend described her as “having an irreparable big tummy”.

 I was literally shook and at the same time amused. I knew he was joking but it appeared Anita took it way too far. She refused taking his calls, asking him to go look for another babe with a reparable big tummy.

Trust ladies na. Our shakara get as e be. While my friend gave her boyfriend attitude, she was secretly whining to me how she wished she could do something about her belly.

 She wasn’t ready to be committed to a gym yet and she’d drunk all manners of tea to reduce her belly size yet it remained big. I had to do something to help her out.

I’m not a fitness expert so don’t think I took her on some belly exercise programme. And I don’t even sell slim teas to battle irreparable big bellies but I had something else that could help her for the meantime.

 This particular thing I’m about to share it with you too so you can as well share with any other lady who has a big tummy.

Prior to this incident, I had written an article on Ria Kosher’s sister website, Svelte Magazine, on the most concealing outfits for ladies with big belly. As Anita whined to me, I quickly sent her a link to the article so she could go learn.

Now I’m proud to say that Anita has been abiding by the suggestions of that article.

She doesn’t wear clothes that make her stomach protrude; rather she wears stuff that conceals her physical flaw while promoting her best assets. You too can do it better than her.

I know the struggles of having a big belly myself. Even as I’m slender, I shudder when my stomach bulges a tad because I know I’ll be looking like a lizard in no time if I don’t do something about it.

That’s why I’m sharing with you knowledge on the suitable outfits that can help hide your tummy.

You don’t want your stomach to be the focus of attention when you dress up, do you? Of course, you don’t! Your hips, boobs, backside and beautiful face should be the focus and not some stubborn belly fat.

 So read the article and share with any lady in your life who’s also in the big belly gang. Na only big bele she get she no kill person. And as such, she has to learn how to wear dresses that suit her body type.

Don’t procrastinate I beg you. If you leave this post without reading it now, the chances are you won’t read it until God knows when. Read it now so nobody gets to describe you as having an irreparable big tummy.

The writer who knows how to do fashion,

Victoria Willie

Creative director, Ria Kosher

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