This is what happens when you invest in Ria Kosher

Today, I’m happy.

And in the spirit of happiness, I wanna tell you a very short story. 

There’s a status conferral that only fashion can give to you.

And when you combine it with a self-confident aura, poise, and a beautiful personality, you’re good to go.

Why am I so sure about this?

Well, I recently sold one of Ria Kosher’s pieces to a lady.

Priscilla is her name.

Her feedback to me apart from the neat finishing and fit was that she was the cynosure of all eyes where she wore it to.

You know how most Nigerians are.

They’d admire you but instead of walking up to you to express their liking for you, they’d stare.

This lady got stares.

And the beautiful thing is that she wasn’t a bit shy.

She revelled in their stares of admiration.

And smiled graciously when the few bold ones walked up to her to compliment her outfit.

Some tried to get her contact because they perceived her as a big woman.

Others who felt they weren’t a good fit, either stared only or just said “I love your dress”, smiled and walked away.

When she told me this, I smiled knowingly. And that’s because I know I didn’t sell a dress to her.

I sold class to her.

I sold status conferral to her.

I sold compliments to her.

I sold something that could make her stand out and bring stares of admiration to her.

That’s the same way it is for me whenever I wear Ria Kosher.

Some even think I’m a model because of my slim figure.

And when I get this reaction, I smile because I know Ria Kosher’s goal is being achieved.

Not many people know this.

When they see a price tag on a fashion item, they scream:

“It’s too expensive! It’s this. It’s that.”

Expensive is relative and so is value.

There’s a reason that price tag is that amount.

And while you can get value from thrift clothing so long as you have a good sense of style,

You’ll get much more value from a piece of clothing designed from scratch in limited numbers to ensure you stand out anywhere you turn up.

And in return…

You feel more confident about yourself.

This is what Ria Kosher does for you.

So, next time you wanna feel good…

Next time you wanna get compliments for yourself…

Next time you want people to cast you stares of admiration and respect…

Next time you wanna stand out from the crowd in an impactful way…

Invest in Ria Kosher.

You won’t just be buying a piece of clothing.

You’ll get all that I’ve mentioned with neat finishing, quality fabrics, unique design, and a perfect fit.

Isn’t that enough value for your money?

It sure is!

The Writer who knows how to do Fashion,

Victoria Willie

Creative Director, Ria Kosher

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Because read my letters often, you’ll get your favorite pick at a discount.

That’s because Ria Kosher isn

Sometimes (or even most times), we humans judge a book by its cover.

We judge a boss lady by her looks.

We judge a rich man by his looks.

Even if he doesn’t dress glamorously, we’ll look for one thing to signify that he has money.

It could be his accent or his gadgets or his wristwatch.

He may wear jeans and T-shirt but then there’s a Hublot on his wrist.

These guys don’t dress to impress anyone with their money. 

They dress to express themselves.

The first crush I  ever had saw me again this year and it happened to be on my birthday.

I can’t forget his reaction. It almost felt like we were in a Nollywood scene. But no jokes, he was surprised to see me. And that was because…

I had changed.

I was no longer the “black and ugly”  Victoria he refused to associate with.

I was a “beauty he couldn’t fathom” (those are his words, not mine).

I was walking with a friend along Agidingbi, Ikeja when I looked up and saw that this guy had been staring at me. At first, I thought he was a random prospective suitor but when I paid him a second glance, he looked familiar.

Next, he walked up to me and asked if I was Victoria Bassey Willie from sososo secondary school. It was then I recognized him.

I remembered how I used to pass glances at him back then in jss1 during break time. And he’d catch me in the act and blink his eyes furiously at me.

Lol. Say what you think but I was one of the best students in my secondary school. I just had eyes for good things.

Anyways, this boy left my school for another and that was how the crush ended.

But before then, he had snubbed the living daylight out of me. And told other boys in the class that I was the ugliest of em all😂

Fast forward to October 8, 2021, I could see the look of admiration in his eyes.

And as I tried to hide my satisfaction, pride, and the invisible red stain on my cheeks, he made me express everything when he said he loved my outfit.

What was I wearing?

One of Ria Kosher’s clothes of course. This particular one you’re looking at to be precise. And funnily enough, it’s just one I made which I wore on my birthday.

But I’m willing to remake that design for only five people at a discounted price of N10,000.

If you look at it, I’ll be shooting myself on the leg.

Because cost of materials and even production have skyrocketed. Thanks for the Nigerian economy.

But I’m overlooking that and slashing the price still so you can get this two-piece and command attention in any event you attend.

You can even make an old crush who never liked you to fall in love with you over and again with this two-piece.

It’ll be your exact measurements. You won’t have to worry about any adjustments.

And if you don’t like it when you get it, no problem. You can return it and have your money back.

My first crush and I exchanged contacts. Right now, he’s in my DM. Hopefully, maybe we can spark up something new from the past.

But that’s not what matters.

What matters is that once I get five people, the price will go back to its original price: N15,000.

Save N5000 now by sending me a DM to get it.

Abi you don’t want your lover, ex, and even your enemies to admire you when you turn up?

The Writer who knows how to do Fashion,

Victoria Willie

Creative Director, Ria Kosher

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