This must be love

They say sometimes love happens at first sight.

But ours was at first read.

It all began when he came across one of my stories on Twitter.

After reading some more to convince himself about me, he subscribed to my precious email list.

At first he was a ghost reader. 

And I never knew he even existed up until the day I told you (and him) I had gone to answer the Clarion call. 

Then, for the first time, he sent in a reply.

I don’t remember what exactly he said but I loved it ’cause it was different.

He shared with me tips on how to maximize my networking in camp.

And yeah, I got interested in him. And before we knew it, the conversation transcended to WhatsApp.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago…

This guy made a request.

I could have turned him down and concentrated on my other schedule, you know.

But I didn’t because I saw one big thing in his request:

His belief in me.

He believed I was the right person to solve that problem for him.

So I had to live up to that expectation, at least, as the writer who knows how to do fashion (as he had addressed me)

I don’t wanna reproduce Chuk’s request here verbatim so you won’t think I’m a snitch.

But I’ll tell you what I did for him because I know you need that knowledge.

Chuks wanted to know how to stop his clothes from bleeding colour. 

He could have at least consulted Google for that.

But this nigga came to me and asked me to tell him how to.

If that isn’t love, faith, and trust, then I dunno what else is.

You can’t tell me otherwise ’cause I’m so convinced.

I know you, too, are tired of seeing streaks of blue on your yellow shirt.

I know because it happens to me.

It becomes worse when the silly colour bleeds on your white.

So, let’s end it already.

Read this piece I wrote on Ria Kosher’s sister website, Svelte Magazine, on how to stop colour bleeding from clothes.

And thank Chuks later for being my muse.

Remain kosher!

The Writer who knows how to do Fashion,

Victoria Willie

Creative Director, Ria Kosher

P.S: Next Friday is a very special day.

And I never knew it fell on the day I usually visit your mailbox until one of my gees, pointed it out.


If you ever plan to miss any of my emails, please, don’t miss next Friday’s own.

In fact, mark it on your calendar now.

Just kidding. 🤪

Now, go read that article so you can stop your clothes from bleeding colour.

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