You’d Do What She Did

Nina gulped down the cup of tea and dropped the mug on the table.

“Pray for me,” she said to her younger sister. “We need this job for survival.”

Her sister nodded. “You’ve aced the interview, sis. Go and get that job for us.”

Nina smiled, picked up her bag from the table and started to walk towards the door.

“Hold on, sis,” her sister called to her and she stopped. “It seems your shirt button is loose.”

Nina looked down at her shirt.

The first two buttons appeared loose but she had no time to waste. She had just thirty minutes to get to the interview venue and she knew what Lagos traffic could do and undo.

“Chichi, don’t worry about it,” she said, adjusting the buttons to make them sit tight. “The buttons won’t fall off until I’m back.” 

“But sister, there’s something we can do. Let me tack it for —”

“Chichi, don’t worry o. The buttons won’t fall off.”

With that she dashed out of the house and managed to beat the traffic. In no time, she was seated at the venue waiting for her turn.

A door squeaked open and the lady who went before her came 

Nina stood up almost immediately. “My turn, right?”

“Yes,” the lady nodded, “go in already.”

On getting to the office, she met stern-looking faces but she was careful enough to present herself well as she greeted them.

 There were three people in the interview room — a woman and two men. 

“Sit down,” the bespectacled woman said to her. When she sat, she was asked to introduce herself and answer the usual interview questions.

“Okay Nina,” the bespectacled woman said. “Were you told that this company is a fashion show?”

Nina gave her a befuddled look but managed to stutter a negative response.

“Did you think your cleavages would help you get this job?”

It was then she looked down and saw that the first two buttons Chichi warned her about were nowhere to be found. 

And her beautiful cleavages were staring right at the HR team. 

No wonder it seemed like one of the men was leering at —

“We’ll get back to you, Nina. Have a wonderful day.”

She looked at all three of them and bowed her head. She couldn’t even defend herself. She was too stupefied to do so.

And that was it.

She knew without being told that she had lost it all because she cared less about her shirt buttons.

But do you know that Nina didn’t have to tack the buttons in order to make them sit tight? 

In fact, she didn’t even need a needle and thread to work on the buttons.

Her solution would have cost her a few seconds since she was trying to beat time.

But she didn’t know the right fashion hack to solve her problem.

She thought the only solution for loose buttons was to tack with a needle and thread. And she ditched the idea right away.

But don’t judge her.

If you were Nina, you’d do the same.

Imagine you had an interview in the next 30 minutes and you hadn’t even left your house yet Lagos traffic was waiting for you.

Would you bother about the buttons?

It’s quite unfortunate that the buttons Nina treated with laxity cost her an employment opportunity.

I don’t know how she broke the news to her sister but I do know one thing…

Tacking with thread and needle is just one of the ways to keep your loose buttons in place.

There are other solutions to achieve that without wasting time or energy.

And guess what…

As usual, I wrote them on Ria Kosher’s sister website, Svelte Magazine, as the 12 Top Fashion Hacks That Will Help You Save Money and Energy.


When your clothes or shoes want to disgrace you and you don’t know what to do, let these top fashion hacks come through for you.

The Writer who knows how to do Fashion,

Victoria Willie

Creative Director, Ria Kosher

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