Your Body is a House

What if I told you your body was a house?

That sounds familiar, right?

The Bible already says your body is the temple of the Lord.

And it gave an adequate explanation for that.

Let me give mine.

 Your body is a room.

Or let’s stick to our initial analogy of a house.

Now imagine you wanted to move to a new house.

You search around and after much experiences with agents (especially the ones in Lagos), you find one.

It’s a good house.

The exact one you wanted:

A bungalow with three rooms enough to accommodate you and your loved ones.

But the house doesn’t look fresh.

The paints are faded.

The plumbing is bad.

The house is plain naked and ugly.

And in due time, visitors would start rolling in.

What would you do to make it look presentable?

That’s an obvious question, right?

Because anyone in their right sense would refurbish the house to a polished taste.

You’ll paint the house and all its rooms.

Repair the plumbing.

Hang in beautiful curtains or draperies.

Fix in furnitures that exude class. 

You’ll do this so anyone who visits would immediately know that you’re a person of good taste.

It’ll be obvious in your choice of painting, furniture, and even the style of the house itself.

It’s the same way you go about your body.

When you were born, you were naked.

That’s like finding a virgin apartment for the first time.

But then you were clothed and nurtured with good food and upbringing up until you could do them yourself.

Just as your house will never take care of itself,

Your body will never.

You have to apply the perfect colour of paint and fix up faulty appliances (skincare /healthcare).

You have to dress your beds, hang your curtains, and fix furniture (clothing & accessories).

And as you do this, you also need to consider the size of your house and its room.

You wouldn’t dare put into your room things that don’t suit its shape, would you?

Moreover, before you hang a curtain or bring in a piece of furniture, you’d measure to be sure it’s the perfect size.

And if it’s not, you wouldn’t blame your room for being too fat or small.

You’d instead blame yourself for buying the wrong object.

Now do the same for your body.

Before you apply anything on your skin, consider your skin type.

Before you wear any cloth ensure it suits your body type.

Know your body measurements so you can tell with a glance if a cloth would fit you or not when you go shopping.

Always dress to highlight your best features and hide the ones you’re not proud of.

It’s as important as the air you breathe.

I’ll say this again:

Your body is a house.

Figure out the type of house it is and go ahead to adorn it the right way.

As usual,

This is from…

The Writer who knows how to do Fashion,

Victoria Willie

Creative Director, Ria Kosher

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