You’re Choking Me with Love

“I trust you. . .  You’ll figure it out . . . I know before the end of the day you’ll figure something out.”

Those were the words Chuks said to me this morning when I told him I didn’t know what to share today.

I was humbled. 

He was so confident that I would figure something out. That touched me.

And as I tried to swallow the morsel of love he forced down my throat, Precious came with hers:

“Time have reach and pass for us to check our mail oo.🌝

When I read her message, the love from Chuks I was trying to swallow began to choke.

Their words may mean nothing to you but to me, they mean the world.

If you don’t know, many times (today inclusive), I wake up and don’t feel like sending you an email.

Sometimes I wonder if you even anticipate them or if you find them valuable.

Yeah, I know not everyone would make this confession.

It takes some guts to share one of your weaknesses with people, huh?

But I’m doing that so you can understand why my heart melted when Chuks and Precious reached out to me concerning today’s newsletter.

If you’re reading today’s letter, I want you to know you’re one of the reasons I haven’t stopped writing to you every Friday.

I have every darn reason to quit just as I have more reasons to continue.

But anytime I check my insights and see you open my emails, my heart warms up.

I feel that morsel of love go down my throat like eba mixed with afang soup.

Thank you, for always reading.

And if you ever meet Chuks and Precious, tell them I love them.

P.S: My sincere apologies for the delay in sending today’s newsletter. NEPA did their thing as usual.

But I have something for you:

If you follow me on social media, you must have noticed I’ve been sharing knowledge of how I sell with stories.

You’ll need the skill if you ever plan to sell anything to anyone online.

So follow me on Twitter @vbw_riakosher so you learn whenever I share something new.

And when you get stuck on how to improve your appearance, remember Svelte Magazine dey for you.

As for Ria Kosher…

She asked me to give you something. 

But you’ll get it in my next email. Don’t miss it.

The Writer who knows how to do Fashion, 

Victoria Willie

Creative Director, Ria Kosher

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