You’re Not Yet on Track

Before you begin to read emotional posts from friends, read this first:

Anytime I remember that tomorrow is 2022, I marvel at how fast time seems to run.

It’s even scarier because I’m growing older and drawing closer to my grave.


But that aside, I remember when it was 2006. I was in primary 2 or 3 then.

One time when I was writing the day’s date in my notebook, I had scribbled Jan 6, 2005 and quickly changed the 5 to 6.

It took me a couple of mistakes to adjust to the new year.

I’m guessing if I were still a student, I’d still be guilty of writing the previous year’s date in the new year.

I’m sure you’ve got plans for the year already.

Get your dream job.

Hit seven figures per month.

Find the love of your life.

Get closer to God.

Do this.

Do that.

Smash all your goals blah blah blah.

Whatever your goals are, I just wanna tell you you’re not yet on track.

Yeah, you read that right.

You’re not yet on track because you forgot to add one particular goal to your 2022 plans.

And that’s dressing well enough to portray the person you hope to become in 2022.

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m not saying your other goals are insignificant.

They all are important.

But when you add this goal to your list and achieve it, everything will be complete.

You don’t have to empty your bank account to dress well.

You don’t even have to buy clothes and shoes on credit.

Just be deliberate about what (and how) you wear.

And don’t be scared to wear accessories.

Those little guys have the power to transform your outfit.

You can flaunt your househelp vibes at home like I do.

But when it’s time to attend events, dress like you belong to Ria Kosher’s email list.

Dress like you’ve been reading Svelte Magazine.

Combine the one and two in your wardrobe.

And leave a lasting impression of an individual who’s intentional with their life.

Happy New Year to you tomorrow.

Go hit your dream figures and come shop from Ria Kosher.

The Writer who knows how to do Fashion,

Victoria Willie

Creative Director, Ria Kosher & Chief Editor, Svelte Magazine

P.S: I had to add my two titles today. Hopefully 2022 will bring more.😅

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